June 30, 2007
Brother Chris Bobo
Master Mason Graveyard Degree
Corinth, Mississippi

Master was done by Jerry Lee Lewis (Deputy Grand Master of Mississippi).
Bobby Culwell (District Deputy)
Master of Lodge #116 is Ken James II
Chris Bobo, Candidate

Stickman's Report:

The ride up to Corinth, Mississippi was very enjoyable.  There were lots of fresh crops to see and everything was relatively green considering the lack of rain in recent months.  I did encounter a couple of showers that were short lived.  When I got to Corinth, I was surprised to see Big Don pulling up at the same time; him from Tennessee and me the gulf coast.  We spoke with Brother Deacon and he rode over to greet us and escorted us to the the degree site.  The weather was nice and the degree began around dusk amid tiki torches. As dark fell and the full moon was rising above the tree tops, brother Bobo was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.  Fire flies, bats and crickets made this ceremony all the more beautiful.  The brethren were more than hospitable and treated us with a warm welcome.  We wrapped it up around 10:00 p.m. and some of us rode over to Corinth Lodge #116.  This lodge is rich in history and is a grand building to say the least.  Afterwards, we went to a local restaurant for some much needed refreshment.  Farewells were given and Big Don and myself retired to our hotel where we stayed up until 0400 discussing the event and rehashing our latest adventures.  The following morning we headed our separate ways and all arrived home safely.  In closing, this was the most memorable degree of my 26 years as a mason.  Great job by all involved!

The road traveling north.

A wrong turn detoured me back into Alabama...

Near Columbus Air Force Base.

Stickman and Big Don.

Looking for the Econo Lodge...

Stickman, Deacon and Big Don.

Riding to the degree site.

Forrest Memorial Park

The lodge furniture was transported and used for this degree.

Candidate Chris Bobo... with Bro's. Jason Spencer and Matt Armstrong, JW.
This picture was taken before the ceremony began. 
He didn't have a clue to where he was.

Brothers in attendance for this the 1st Graveyard Degree in Mississippi.

Refreshment time...

We ride back over to the lodge.

Deacon and Big Don.

Riding home the following day.  3 states in two days... Ala Miss Tenn.
Corinth, Mississippi is 6 miles from the Tennessee state line.