Stickmen in California - August 2001

This page is dedicated to all our Freedivelist friends who made this trip possible and memorable.
Any names or pictures omitted is unintentional.  If you were there and would like to add to this page by furnishing a photo or names to be included in captions, please contact Mike Wade.

Mike, Trip and Jack in front of a big redwood tree.                            The prized abalone.

David Whittington, Trip and Jack deVilliers

Pine Beach Inn - Our home away from home

We always request Room #35 on the end.  The ice machine is just inside the fenced area.

The cove behind the Pine Beach Inn.

Walt & Donna Firstbrook, Jack, Mike and Trip at the Wharf Restaurant in Noyo Harbor

Our first day of diving - August 10th

Diving near Van Damme, we determined that this trail is 1/2 mile going and 2 miles returning.

Jack and Mike with a couple of keepers after our first day of diving.

Mike, Steve Derenne and Jack

Our dive with Steve Howe - August 11, 2001

Capt. Steve Howe and Crew of twelve, a record for "The Hog Heaven".

Brandi and Joe "What a beautiful smile!"

Where's Waldo?

Conditions were flat calm.

Steve Howe coming up with an ab.  This guy doesn't even wear fins, he says "Fins are for wussies".

A Stickman with abalone.  The three of us got our limit of twelve.

The Freedivelist Gathering at Van Damme State Park
August 11, 2001

Man of the hour!  Chief Cook and organizer, Eric Sedletzky.
This guy was a busy man!

Joe Monoco and the "Killer Smile" with foiled black rock fish.

Fred Cochran, Dave Clutts, Don Fugere, Walt Firstbrook and Jack.

Walt, Jean Lundeen, Mike, Trip, David Whittington, Jack with Eric, Debbie and Kristi Sedletzky.
Thanks to Eric and family for Welcoming the Stickmen.
"Let the party begin!"

The Richmond Pelican camp next to Eric's.  We joined forces for a bigger party.

Sunday Morning the 12th - The day we leave

Trip, Brian Ishida, Jean, ...Fred over Mike... and Jack on the right.

Trip, Jack, Eric Sedletzky, Mike, Mike, Brian Ishida, Jean Lundeen and Bob Martin.

The Stickmen have breakfast with some Boy Scouts at the park before our departure.

Jeff, Jack, Steve Derenne and Mike taken on our visit in 1998.  I add this picture because for some reason we didn't get a group picture this time around.  These guys party with us on every trip out.

On our way home we saw this abalone cross located on Hwy. 128
Does anyone have information on this place?

San Francisco

Jack and Trip reunite with their Sister, Helena after 6 years.

Jack, Doug and Helena Reed, Mike and Trip at Pier 39

1998 California Diving

Jack deVilliers hunting for abalone during our North Central California visit in October of 1998.

Stickmen dive buddy Brandi Easter with a 10" abalone and Bob Bachmann.

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