Mardi Gras 2007
Dauphin Island, Alabama
January 20, 2007

Mobile, Alabama
February 8th - Polka Dots Parade

February 10th - Harley Customer Appreciation Day

February 12th - Mobile Mystical Ladies and the Order of Venus Parades

Gator and Stickman before the parade...

Gator grabbing a handful of beads.

Bead magnets...

FMRC blocking the street... for the next pass and review.

Post parade entertainment.

February 13th

Gator, Greg and Stickman

Bringing home the booty.

February 16th - Krewe of Columbus Parade

Stickman and son Phillip reunited after 2 years.

The gang - Paul, Paul Jr., Stickman and Stickman Jr.

David Mosner and Lady Pam with Phillip in between.

February 17 - Mystics of Time Parade

Stickman, Paul Jr. Dave, Gator, Pam and Paul

Stickman, Gator, Candy and Greg

Gator leaving with the Candy.

Candy, Dana and Karen

Dana, Gator and Karen

Cousins Heather, Alan and Ina at Veet's Bar.

February 18th - Joe Cain Parade

Abba Temple Shriners Ride

Not Cousins


Look at the VTX, fits right in the pack.

Februrary 20th - Fat Tuesday

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