The 18th Annual Red Neck Riviera Spearfishing Tournament
Official Results

Weighmasters: Reel Surprise Marina, Gulf Coast Divers and Mike Wade

King Spearfisher Paul DeCuir

Queen Spearfisher Kelsey Joiner

Team Award Alabama Jamin’

Top Novice Kyle Weierman

Chris Kendrick 64.90 Redneck Rolex
Matthew Cain 58.00 Raising Cain
Gary Whitfield 53.10 Raising Cain

Chase Simpson 14.00 Alabama Jamin
Spencer Phillips 13.70 Southern Skin Divers
Matthew Cain 13.40 Raising Cain

Matthew Cain 13.40 Raising Cain
Forrest Phillips 13.00 Southern Skin Divers
Casey Powell 13.00 Raising Cain

Paul DeCuir 7.95 Alabama Jamin
Chase Simpson 5.40 Alabama Jamin
Spencer Phillips 5.20 Southern Skin Divers

Paul DeCuir 202.35 Alabama Jamin
Matthew Cain 144.00 Raising Cain
Gary Whitfield 114.70 Raising Cain