The 19th Annual Red Neck Riviera Spearfishing Tournament
Official Results
Weighmasters: Reel Surprise Marina, Gulf Coast Divers and Mike Wade

King Spearfisher  Lee Ford
Queen Spearfisher  Kelsey Joiner
Team Award  High Adventure

Blue Water

1st Noah Gardner   41.40 lbs. Southern Skin Divers
2nd David Rogers   40.60 lbs.   High Adventure
3rd Paul DeCuir   34.30 lbs.   Alabama Jamin

1st Mike Wade   4.30 lbs.   Current Drifters
2nd Justin Little   3.45 lbs.   High Adventure
3rd Paul DeCuir   3.40 lbs.   Alabama Jamin

Lionfish (Total Weight)
1st Paul DeCuir   160.70 lbs.   Alabama Jamin
2nd Ryan Redmond   87.90 lbs.   Alabama Jamin
3rd Forrest Phillips   81.40 lbs.   Southern Skin Divers
1st Paul DeCuir   11.30 lbs.   Alabama Jamin
2nd Kyle Weierman   9.50 lbs.   Alabama Jamin
3rd Ryan Redmond   8.80 lbs.   Alabama Jamin
1st Lee Ford   48.15 lbs.   High Adventure
2nd Jesse Ellard   14.50 lbs.   High Adventure
3rd Mark Brown   10.50 lbs.   Alabama Jamin

1st Lee Ford   12.50 lbs.   High Adventure
2nd Justin Little   11.50 lbs.   High Adventure
3rd Paul DeCuir   10.40 lbs.   Alabama Jamin