“Pleasure Island Shootout”

 One Day Only Spearfishing Tournament

Rule and Regulations


  1. Only TBA will be weighed and scored
  2. Fish may be taken from any body of water (obey all local laws)
  3. All fish weighed must be taken by spear (No Power heads or Shark Darts)
  4. Only one fish per category will be scored
  5. Fish must be weighed at Tacky Jack's by the weigh master w/witness.
  6. You must be signed up by the end of the Safety Meeting in order to enter a fish
  7. All contestants must show proof of AL fishing license and spearfishing license
  8. Sign up TBA
  9. Categories will include SCUBA, Free Diving.

Weigh In

Tacky Jack's, Orange Beach (June 8th ONLY)
6:00 - 8:00 p.m.


There will be a First Place for each Category.

Award Ceremony

An award ceremony will be held at Tacky Jack's, Orange Beach, Alabama for all participants on Sat. June 8, 2019
The ceremony will follow the weigh in.


The State of Alabama Marine Resource Division requires all spearfishermen to hold both a saltwater fishing license and a spearfishing license.
If any contestants choose to fish waters of another state they are responsible for obtaining and obeying those local laws.

Contestants may purchase both of these licenses at the Alabama Marine Resource Division office in Gulf Shores.
Alabama resident cost for saltwater fishing license is $29.00 and a spearfishing license for $6.00