28th Annual Alabama Open Spearfishing Rodeo
May 30 - June 1, 2003

Jack, Matt and Mike

Matt and Jack with red snapper and Matt bringing in a jack crevalle

Matt fighting a jack crevalle, check out the pool of blood.

Matt with his successful catch.

Mike having fun.

Matt rigging his gun.

Getting ready for the backyard shot.

Matt, Jack and Mike with some of Fridays catch.

Krewe of Kelley
Divers of "Out of the Blue" Bob Kelley, Captain

Bob Kelley's boat, soon to be renamed "The Midol".

Bob Kelley and Jack deVilliers... one thinking and one not.  Can you decide?

The patio gang - Don, Mike, Charlie and Les Sage

Stickman Groupie, Charlie Carr

Sid Smith at ease.

Don and Matt cleaning fish.

Don says "Is that all?"

Mike's turn to weigh in.

Matt Rytting and Steve Latham.

Matt winning a trophy.

Matt Rytting wins the Blue Water trophy.

Top row: Jack deVilliers, Sid Smith, Charlie Carr, Mike Wade and Les Sage
Bottom row: Ashton Blessey, Don Cooley and Matt Rytting

Team Stickmen 2003