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June 2001 - Mike with jack crevalle, red snapper and a sheepshead.

From left to right are Don, Alan Hansen, Mike and Bill holding up some award winning cobia and
red snapper taken during the 2000-25th Annual Alabama Open Spearfishing Tournament.

Happy Stickmen-Ray, Jack, Mike and Don in 1999.

From left to right are Ray Dittenhoefer, Don Cooley, Mike Wade and Jack deVilliers.
Fish displayed are three great barracuda, a trigger fish and a snapper on the right.

      Mike with flounders in 1980          A short pole spear worked good in 1990

Mike, Emile Sliman and Michael Britt
July 30, 1993

    1999 Laughing Sticks-Mike, Don and Ray                 Jack with red fish in 1980

           .             .
Mike with a 10.6 lb. speckled trout                  Jack with a 8.5 lb. speck

Barry & Mike Wade, David Mosner, Jack deVilliers        Mike with lobster and octopus


Whiskey Wreck flounders               Mike and Dave's all night marathon

Mike with more flatties

   Burg Taylor, Mike Wade and David Mosner                            David Mosner

                    Mike with another haul                                               speckled trout and flounder

Jack, Rick, David & Mike with flounder, grouper and cobia               Mike with drum

       Mike with summer flounders 1992            Emile Sliman and Mike Wade 1989

  Mike making a sale at work.                          Mike and Jack - The First Stickmen

       David, Andy, Brian, Mike and Barry               Mike And Jack with flounder catch in 1980


A fan of the Stickmen at the site of the "Whiskey Wreck", Gulf Shores, Alabama
The jet ski at the top of the picture just passed over the wreck.

    Stickchick Robin - Dive Tender                                           The Sand Flea

Worth the swim back from the Whiskey Wreck

Stickchick Robin with her mighty catch.

...and this is how it all began growing up on the Gulf beaches of Alabama.

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