Alabama Coastal Landmarks and Dive Spots

Perdido Pass, Orange Beach, Alabama
The picture above at daybreak as the sun rises in the east and below it a look at the jetties as we enter the channel. 
Many fish have been taken from the jetties and around the bridge.

The "Whiskey Wreck", Gulf Shores, Alabama
Mike with a couple of flounder catches made on a wrecked rum runner that burned and sank about 150 yards
from the end of the boardwalk behind him during the 1800's.   This picture was made in the 1980's. 
The beach house is still used as a landmark today.  Swim due south from the staircase of the cabin past the second sand bar.

A gas rig due south of Dauphin Island, Alabama.
 These structures produce good fish when the water is decent.

"Sand Island Lighthouse" located southeast of Dauphin Island, Alabama

"Middle Bay Lighthouse" on Mobile Bay

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