The following pictures were made with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel inside of an Ikelite housing.
Some picture improvements courtesy of Adobe Photoshop.
Copyright © 2004-2010 Mike Wade, Stickmen Freedivers -

The following pictures were taken on October 26, 2004
Photos by Mike Wade

Triggerfish pictured on the left and small school of sheepshead on the right.

A grouper pictured on the left and a red snapper on the right.

Red snapper.

First day of diving with Mike Wade and David Biron after Hurricane Ivan
September 29, 2004

Jellyfish type unknown


Bottlenose dolphins giving Mike a show.

Find of the day, a whale shark.

August 27, 2004
Photos by David Biron and Mike Wade.

The Free Spear-It as seen from water level.


mangrove snapper and rig legs in the back ground.

David poking a moon jelly and Mike's feeble attempt at a tropical darting around.


The great barracuda

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