Stickmen in the woods of Alabama

When the water and weather gets too cold to go spearfishing and diving, you can find us in the woods trying to bag a deer or wild hog.  This page will be dedicated to our off season adventures.   Tune in from time to time and see what we are up to.

The Alabama Delta on Mobile Bay

The view from our boat as we look for a good spot to scout.

Jack and Trip deVilliers

Jack getting us as close to the bank as possible.

Trip leading the way through the marsh.  We were walking through water ankle deep.

Trip and Jack looking at a snake.

Trip kills a poisonous water moccasin.

An old abandoned hog trap.

This tree frog looked like it would make a good photo.

Mike Wade

Jack kills another moccasin.

We head back in as the sun begins to set.

Veterans Day - November 11, 2001

The Color Guard starting our parade in Mobile, Alabama.

4 Wheelin' with the Stickmen

Happy Trails with Mike Wade

Let's see what this baby will do!

Can you say "redneck?"

Through fields and streams...

God Bless America!

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