Stickmen pictures from the 10th Annual Orange Beach Spearfishing Tournament
held on September 19-20, 2003 at Tacky Jack's Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama

The t-shirt logo.

The Stickmen begin to arrive on Thursday evening

Marcel Garsaud, Sid Smith, Matt Rytting and Les Sage.

Marcel showing off his Darryl Wong gun.

Stickmen Marcel, Don Cooley, Charlie Carr and Sid.

Friday Diving - September 19th

Matt Rytting, Mike Wade and Jack deVilliers make a
pre dawn dive at the Sand Island Lighthouse.

Mike Wade, Matt Rytting and Jack deVilliers with barracuda.  Jack placed 1st with his 43 pounder.

Matt tries to upgrade.

The signs on this rig read: "Danger H2S Hydrogen Sulfide"
"Poison Gas Do Not Approach if red lights are flashing".

Jack under the rig.  Matt is there too...

Matt and Jack endure rough seas.

Mike cooling Jack down.

Saturday weigh in and Awards Ceremony


Mike Wade's high school friend, Jerome Lee, checking out the board.

Chas Broughton and Jack deVilliers.

Mike Wade, Sid Smith, Mike Freeman and Charlie Carr.

Les Sage with his barracuda.

Les Sage weighing in a trophy winning tripletail.

A Happy Stickman.


A guns-n-Hoses prospect                                          The Stickchick.

Master Spearfisherman, Norborne Turner weighing in an amberjack with Brian Bumpers.

Gary, Sid, Matt, Chas, Norborne, Jack and Brian.

Tournament "Bosses".

Saturday night back at the Wade' house after the Awards

Matt slicing and dicing.

Ashton Blessey "chillin".

Ashton has Marcel, Jack and Matt's full attention.

"Let me tell ya", Ashton relays his story.

The Stickman Team L to R:  Sid Smith, Marcel Garsaud, Jack deVilliers,
Ashton Blessey, Matt Rytting, Mike Wade, Les Sage and Charlie Carr.
Mike Freeman is not pictured here.

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