The Alabama Spearfishing Association

The 5th Annual
  Pleasure Island Spearfishing Classic
  June 5-6, 2015

Weigh In Locations

June 5-6th
Tacky Jack's ONLY
Orange Beach, Alabama
4-6 p.m.

Awards Ceremony 7:00 p.m. on site.

Please Read the following important information

The formula below is based on a minimum of 50 divers.
Less than 50 will cause the formula to be adjusted to cover the fixed
cost associated with the successful operation of the tournament.
For example:  t-shirts, trophies, scale's, and other necessary expenses.

Prize Disbursement Formula Example:

50 Divers enter at $55.00 each = $2750.00
$40.00 per entry goes to prize pool.

The remaining $15.00 of the entry fee to be
used for tournament operations.

The breakdown:

50 entries X $40.00 = $2000.00
divided by 5 (Fish Categories)
equals $400.00 per fish category.

1st place would receive $200.00
2nd place would receive $125.00
3rd place would receive $75.00

Notice: Remember cash pay outs will vary depending
on whether there are more or less than 50 divers participating
and number of categories being competed for.
The formula above is based on 5 categories.

Safety Meeting

The Safety meeting will be held at Tacky Jack's Restaurant
on Battleship Parkway in Mobile, Alabama
  Wednesday prior to the tournament 7:00 p.m.

Jackpot entries will compete against other entries only for the snapper and
flounder jackpots but will still be in competition for all other categories.

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