12th Annual Orange Beach Spearfishing Tournament
September 15-16, 2006
Tacky Jack's Marina
"In Memory of Stickman Eric Merritt"

Master Spearfisher                                                Blue Water Winner
Emile Sliman                                                            Nick Devernay

Award winners Bill Salsman and Chris Price with our lovely award presenter, Candice.

A happy and happier jackpot winners... Jack deVilliers and Chris Price.

Steve and Erin Jerkins

11th Annual Orange Beach Spearfishing Tournament
June 3-4, 2005
Tacky Jack's Marina

Guns & Hoses -Team Award

Sid Smith with 1st place red snapper and Bill Salsman with 2nd place grouper.

Emile Sliman (Master Spearfisherman) and Mark Schropp with 1st place amberjack and grouper.

10th Annual Orange Beach Spearfishing Tournament
September 19-20, 2003
Tacky Jack's Marina

Team Triggerfish
Master Spearfisher Norborne Turner on left and Brian Bumpers.

Stickman Les Sage with 15.55 lb. tripletail on left.

Guns-N-Hoses members and 1st Place snapper winner Scott Gibson and Jacki Hodges.

Stickman Jack deVilliers on right with 1st place
barracuda, pictured with Mike Wade and Matt Rytting.

Aquaholic Emile Sliman with barracuda and amberjack.

William Salsman with 1st place grouper.

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