The Alabama Spearfishing Association is proud to announce that our first
tournament of the
year will have prizes, thanks to the generous vendors below.

The following prizes have been donated to the Red Neck Riviera by the sponsors below:

Thank you to our prize sponsors for the 2017 Tournament Season!  We have already received lots of dive gear including: Masks, Snorkels, Dry Boxes, Dry Bags, Speargun Bags, Coolers, Surface Marker Buoys and other accessories from the following companies

Pelican Products
Aqua Lung
Armor Bags
XS Scuba
Dive Alert
Sea Dive Masks
Innovative SCUBA Concepts
Underwater Works
Southern Skin Diver Supply
High Pressure Dive Shop

This prize page will be updated as needed...

Southern Skin Diver Supply
4515 5th Ave. South
Birmingham, Alabama
(205) 595-3052

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