Stickmen 2005

Post Hurricane Katrina Dive
Dauphin Island, Alabama
September 16, 2005

Rick Pinegar and Mike Wade with red snapper and cobia.
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Orange Beach, Alabama Night Dive
August 25, 2005

Jack with some flounders.  Mike's are laying in the surf, he took the picture.

Dauphin Island, Alabama
August 12, 2005

Mike bringing up a red snapper.

Santa Cruz, California
August 2005

Joe Tobin bringing up a halibut out of Santa Cruz, California.

Dauphin Island, alabama
July 27, 2005

Mike and a red snapper.
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Grand Isle, Louisiana
July 15, 2005

Mike Wade and Sid Blessey with a couple of triggerfish.
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Dauphin Island, Alabama
July 2, 2005

Mangrove Mike Wade
More pictures of todays trip out of Dauphin Island, Alabama

Dauphin Island, Alabama
June 27, 2005

We often have to wait for crew boats to service the rigs before we can spearfish around them.

Rick Pinegar takes a photo of his daughter Jenny and Mike Wade out for a fun day.

Bill Crawford - Blue Water Champion
Hell Divers Spearfishing Rodeo
June 5, 2005

May 28, 2005

We are not a serious bunch as this picture reflects.

Todd McGill, a Stickman Prospect working to make the front page.

Orange Beach, Alabama
May 20, 2005

Mike and Jack's first catch of the year dedicated to the memory of Eric Wade.

Honorary Stickman
 Joe Tobin

Well Mike,

Here it is. My first fish of the year and she's a real beauty! I have not
shot a California halibut over thirty pounds in about 10 years. Our season
is just starting over here on the left coast and we usually see small ones
first. When the local guys I dive with heard a 32 pounder was taken, they
were really fired up. We usually only get a few each year this size.

She was buried in the sand and I almost failed to notice but I have a well
tuned eye for that subtle change in sand color that betrays the presence of
these masters of camouflage!

This is a very respectable and worthy fish for this occasion.

I hereby dedicate this fish to the memory of your son Eric.


Joe Tobin
Santa Cruz

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